Why Microtalk ?

Ultra-speed Connection

Dedicated, Scalable & Symmetric Bandwidth (Equal upload and download speeds) with Minimal congestion.

Robust Infrastructure

End-to-end fiber optic connectivity. Dedicated ILL core. Improved QOS in Core, POPs, Edge network. Dual path last mile connectivity.

Secure connectivity

DDoS Protected and Static IP. Intercity redundancy for Tier 1 connectivity.

Making Quality Entertainment Feasible

Delivering broadband internet to your homes at never before speeds. Direct peering Google, Netflix, FB.

Flexible Tariff Plans

Faster link delivery and activation. Easily upgrade your bandwidth to suit business growth and expansion.

Fast Support 24/7

24x7 Proactive Network Monitoring. Reliable high-speed Internet with Connectivity backed by SLA. Lowest latency and packet drop.

Internet for Business

Extra Speed and Data at no extra cost. Get Constant Bandwidth to achieve faster business growth with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

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