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Businesses require more reliable and secure internet services than a retail broadband, for running their operations effectively. Curated exclusively for small enterprises and young start-ups with 10-20 employees. It offers enterprise-grade connectivity at reasonable prices, when compared to an internet leased line.

What Microtalk Offers

You can use any major credit or debit card. We don't have any hidden or confusing fees. You’ll always know how much you’re spending and how much they’ll receive.

Dedicated Fiber

Most suitable for MNCs, BPOs, Call Centers, Telcos.

Unmatched Speed

Low latency connectivity ensuring high upload speed.

Secure Network

Provide restricted access thereby enhancing security

Internet Access Ports

Capacity starts from 256 Kbps to multiples of STMs

Integrated Service

Online portal enabling the best services to offer.


Affordable high bandwidth designed for businesses

99.99% Uptime

SLA of up to 99.99% availability.

IP Address

Access a unique IP address for some plans.

24/7 Support

Service at your door step by in-house operation experts.


Bringing high speed reliable internet to you

Our Business broadband services tend to offer faster upload speeds than standard broadband services. Plus speeds should be faster because there will be fewer people using the line at the same time as you.

All our broadband deals for business give you a speed guarantee you can rely on. They’re tailored to your connection, so you can choose the right speed for what you need.

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